Dubai is a beautiful city where new and old wonders come together to make a symphony of luxury. Dubai is in the Arabian Desert, on the golden sands. It is a city of modern buildings, high-end shopping areas, and cultural gems that call travelers who like to try new things. Think about being under the famous Burj Khalifa, the world's largest building, as its glass face cuts through the sky. Dubai is an amazing city that resists gravity, and the viewing deck of this architectural masterpiece gives you an amazing view of how the city has changed over time.   Enjoy your senses in the busy souks, where the smell of spices and the color of fabrics make a tapestry of sounds and sights. In Al Fahidi's heritage area, tiny alleyways lead to secret courtyards, and traditional wind tower architecture keeps the charm of the past alive. The Dubai Desert Safari is for people who want to be scared. It's an exciting ride over golden dunes that ends with a beautiful sunset over the vast desert. Enjoy the thrill of adventure with a touch of luxury as you eat dinner under the stars in a traditional Bedouin camp.   With the grand Dubai Mall and the mysterious Gold Souk, Dubai is a great place to go shopping. Every part of the city has its own unique shopping experience, from high-end fashion to old-fashioned gems. Let us plan a custom trip for you through this oasis of culture and luxury, showing you the hidden parts of Dubai and ensuring you have an out-of-the-ordinary experience. Dubai is more than just a place to visit; it's a mixture of experiences that will capture you and give you memories that will last a lifetime.



The Burj Khalifa is the world's largest building. From the viewing deck, you can see the whole city skyline Look at the Arabian Gulf and the unique design of the Burj Al Arab, which stands for wealth and luxury. In the heritage neighborhood of Al Fahidi, you can spend time discovering traditional wind towers and secret gardens. To taste Dubai's lively culture, walk through the busy souks, which include the spice and gold markets. A Dubai Desert Safari is an exciting way to see the desert. You can ride over golden dunes and watch a beautiful sunset. Spend a fancy evening in a traditional Bedouin camp, watching culture shows and eating a delicious dinner outside under the stars. Check out the grandeur of the Dubai Mall, which has high-end shopping, entertainment, and the stunning Dubai Aquarium. Find your way to the Gold Souk, a one-of-a-kind place to shop where old treasures and new gold meet. You can eat at many different places, from restaurants with Michelin stars to real street food in places like Al Fahidi. Experience the culture of Dubai's brunch, a fancy event with delicious food and stunning views. At the base of the Burj Khalifa, you can see the amazing Dubai Fountain show, a dance of water and light.

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Tour details

  • Tour Type Impression
  • Price 300$ - 500$
  • Categories Destination
  • Capital Abu Dhabi
  • Language Arabic
  • Currency Dollar
  • Time Zone (UTC+04:00)
  • Drives on the Right
  • Calling code +971